The European EPC+ project partners participated in the meeting of 9th and 10th of May of 2017 that took place in Madrid, organised by Escan.

At this meeting, in which 14 members of the consortium participated, the advances of the project were discussed. There was feedback related with the progress of the project, in special about the creation of new SPINs, clusters of SMEs energy services providers, and the development of pilot projects. The training activities as well as the technical and financial tools and the model contract were also discussed.

Meeting of the EPC+ project parners in Madrid

The current status of pilot projects was commented, counting nowadays with a total of 28 pilot projects, being more than 10 already implemented. In Spain there are several pilot projects applied to residential and offices buildings with energy efficiency measures such as lighting improvements, voltage stabilisers, smart meters or isolation of facades.

Escan did a presentation focused on the overview of the dissemination activities and communication strategy, highlighting specially the project website and the articles published. At the meeting end, the upcoming activities to be developed were commented, mainly about the Final Brochure and the organisations of Business facilitation seminars.

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