National business facilitator seminars in several European countries

During next months the EPC+ partners will organize National business facilitator seminars in Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, etc. The results of EPC+ will be presented. Also the invitation to utilize the EPC+ tools and training materials and the incorporation of new members to the SPINS. EPC facilitators, policy makers and potential clients will be invited.

Meeting of European EPC+ Project Partners

The European EPC+ project partners participated in the meeting of 9th and 10th of May of 2017 that took place in Madrid, organised by Escan. At this meeting, in which 14 members of the consortium participated, the advances of the project were discussed. There was feedback related with the progress of the project, in special […]

Escan presents the preliminary results of the EPC+ project

The preliminary EPC+ results were presented at the conference ‘Energy Efficiency. Future and Europe’ that was inaugurated by EFFIES (European Federation of Intelligent Energy Efficiency Services ) with the presentation ‘Promoting energy efficiency in the European Union: The Clean Energy Package of the European Union’ Margarita Puente of Escan presenting the EPC+ Project The situation […]

Streetlight-EPC final brochure

You can download Streetlight-EPC final brochure:

Streetlight-EPC Webinar on Friday 3rd of February 2017

Supporting EPC market development through EPC Facilitation Services – Key outputs from the Streetlight-EPC project This webinar will present the Streetlight-EPC project’s approach, key lessons learnt and conclusions as well examples of implemented projects. A keynote presentation from the European Commission will shed some light on how the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package may […]

EPC+ poster presentation at the Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place Conference 2017

CRES carries out the presentation a poster with the main preliminary outcomes of the EPC+ project at the conference “Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place” in Brussels on 18th-19th January 2017. Creation of several SPINs in Europe, Training workshops of EPC+, Technical and financial toolboxes about energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources, Newsletters, etc. have […]

Escan presents EPC+ at the 7th Conference for European Energy Managers

Escan will participate in the Workshop Block 3: cooling, air conditioning and ventilation with the presentation about “EPC+ measures in student hall” of the 7th International Conference for European Energy Manager on 24th/25th October 2016 that will take place in Berlin. The complete conference programme can be download here:

EPC+ Presentation in ECEEE 2016

The presentation of ISR-UC about “The challenge of energy efficiency: Promoting innovative business models for SMEs“ was carried out 14th September. More than 40 people attended to this EPC+ presentation and several questions were discussed about it (

New innovative collaborative business model for SMEs

New innovative collaborative business model for SMEs offering energy performance contracting services, presented at the European Sustainable Energy Week. Factor4, an Energy Service Company in Belgium and the Netherlands, created a network of small and medium sized service companies active in energy efficiency services to implement Energy Performance Contracting. Invited by the Executive Agency for […]