Presentation of EPC+ at GSE in Rome

On Tuesday, 16th February, 2016 at the headquarters of the GSE in Rome, Itay was hold the Ordinary Meeting of Federesco. During the event we presented the opportunities that Federesco or its members could achieve aboutr the incentives for energy efficiency in general. In light of the regulatory context, the meeting also provided a day […]

Creation of SPINs-Newsletter1. Presentation Int. Conference IEECB&SC’16

The EPC+ project did organize the first activities for the creation of SPINs, Small Partnerships for Innovative Energy Services: meetings, elaboration of Guidebook and Tools for the SPINs and Contract Models in most countries. The documents are available in the project website in different languages. Just available the EPC+ Newsletter 1 with the all information […]

First EPC+ activities in Spain

Several Associations and companies show their interest in the EPC+ project; Association of District Heating and Cooling Companies, Asociación de Empresas de Redes de Calor y Frío (ADHAC) and the National Association of Auditors and Energy Certifiers, Entidad Nacional de Certificación Energética (ENACE), also companies such as: Aura Solar, Ingenere, Teca, etc. Also some Energy […]

New model in order that SMEs access to the energy efficiency market

The energy efficiency is a matter that start to increase in the people awareness, the consumer economy and the eonomic-environmental targets to be reached by Spain and by the European Union. What it is innovative are the available mechanisms in order to reach the same targets. Escan is the national partner of EPC+ project in […]

Public workshop on innovative financing and EU Contractors’ workshop 

The Project Coordinator of the EPC+ project, Aristotelis Botzios-Valaskakis, attended the Public workshop on innovative financing for energy efficiency and renewables on the 28th April, 2015 in Brussels as well as the Contractors’ workshop on the 29th April, 2015 where he had the chance to present the scopes and aims of the project and to […]

EPC+ at the Remida International Workshop

Within the Framework of the European Project REMIDA ( and the Public Consultation for the formation of cooperative schemes between Public and Private sector and organized citizens for the reduction of energy costs, ERFC (European Regional Framework for Cooperation) organized with great success an International Conference on March 31st, 2015. The Project Coordinator of the EPC+ project, Aristotelis Botzios-Valaskakis, attended […]

Starting up of EPC+ project

The new EPC+ project has just started and the Kick off meeting was celebrated in Athens. The European Commission Advisor and all the partners of eleven countries did participate with presentations of the activities to be done during the first term. Very practical administrative and contractual project issues were presented and also the requirements of […]