The ultimate goal of the EPC+ project is to reduce transaction costs of energy service packages drastically so that smaller investments and projects in SMEs become possible for companies offering energy services. This can only happen if both the technical solutions as well as the contractual issues of energy services are highly standardized. The energy services offered can be either partly or wholly financed with innovative financing solutions, or may be more service-oriented solutions with guaranteed energy performances.

The major outputs of the project include:

  1. The development of commercial, standardized energy service packages for SMEs in each participant country. Each participant country will develop energy service packages that suit the specific and particular requirements of their country. These will include a standardized technical solution for a specific market sector, a model contract and, where possible, a financing solution.
  2. The implementation of pilot projects for the EPC+ packages in each participant country.
  3. The set-up and management of clusters of companies (SPINS) in each participant countries. These clusters will offer energy services to the SME market.
  4. The training of these clusters of companies in each participant country.
  5. The development of an international e-market for energy service providers.

Several project meetings with the European partners to organize the activities have been carried out.