SME Partnerships SPINS
SME Partnerships SPINS: A SPIN (SME Partnerships for Innovative Energy Services) is an organized cluster of independent companies, mainly SME’s, that jointly supply energy efficiency services and that have a structured long-term collaboration with commonly agreed objectives.
Training: This consists of the capacity-building of the pilot SPINs on administrative, technical, legal and financial matters pertaining to the SPIN’s operational practices. It will seek to leverage existing EPC related materials and courses and develop only new content where it relates to the EPCpartnership activities.
Energy Service Packages
Energy Service Packages:
This consists of the development of highly standardized energy service packages which can be easily implemented by the SPINs.
Pilot Projects
Pilot Projects: This focuses on the implementation process of the developed EPC-products and includes all necessary required actions in order to implement successfully the pilot projects in each partner country.
EPC Platform
EPC Platform: This will be an international ‘market place’ where – according to commonly agreed rules – members of different member states can efficiently and safely exchange valuable know-how between each other, and jointly develop EPC-models and SPIN-concepts.
Disseminaton: This consists of the communication and dissemination tasks of the project – This consist of National and European campaigns to promote the innovative business model in order to roll-out EPC+ to the market.